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Consult Center – Lakewood NJ

Medically Reviewed by David Szarka, MA, LCADC
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Get Evidence-Based Treatment That Works

New Jersey has seen increasing drug overdose deaths in the last decade and record-setting substance-related fatalities during the last three years. Drug and alcohol addiction are dangerous and deadly diseases that tear families apart. Substance abuse can feel hopeless, but we want you to know that recovery is very possible with the right treatment and a desire to get better.

The recovery specialists at Footprints to Recovery’s Lakewood, New Jersey outreach center can connect you to addiction treatment in New Jersey and across the nation based on your location preferences. All our treatment centers are nationally accredited and have helped thousands of clients begin their journeys to recovery.

We’re Here for You 24/7

Our recovery specialists for Lakewood, NJ are available around the clock, so don’t wait. Place the call that will change everything for the better. Some of our treatment services include:

Confidential Screenings

Your call and consultation are 100% confidential and free. Our recovery specialists are caring professionals who understand what you’re going through. We can help you determine what type of treatment is best for your situation.

Individualized Treatment

Cookie-cutter treatment approaches to drug abuse are usually not effective. At Lakewood Outreach Center, we’ll connect you to addiction treatment facilities that recognize you as an individual and create a care plan based on your clinical needs, preferences, and life experiences.

Treatment Questions

Our recovery specialists have years of experience, and many have been through treatment themselves. We are here to answer all your questions about drug or alcohol treatment, logistics, cost, and insurance.

Interventions for Substance Abuse

We know how helpless it feels to watch drugs and alcohol take over a loved one’s life. Resistance to treatment is a symptom of addiction. We can put you in touch with a professional interventionist who will help your loved one accept that they need treatment.

Addiction Resources

Our recovery specialists can connect you with addiction resources in and near Lakewood and in other areas in New Jersey. We have the latest information on support groups, certified interventionists, treatment centers, drug and alcohol detox programs, and more.

Insurance Verification

Most major insurance plans are required to cover addiction treatment in the same way they do medical conditions. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of the cost of drug rehab and drug detox. Call us to get a free insurance verification check.

Get Life-Saving Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse can be dangerous and even deadly. Don’t wait to get the help you or a loved one needs to get better. We’re here for you 24/7. Let’s do this together.

How to Choose an Addiction Treatment Center

Deciding on where to receive treatment for alcohol and drug abuse can feel overwhelming. Here are some important features to look for when choosing an addiction treatment program:

Evidence-Based Treatment

Make sure the addiction treatment approaches are backed by research. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing as well as medical detox; dual diagnosis treatment; and individual, group, and family therapy have been proven effective for addiction treatment.

Full Continuum of Care

Many people do best in a substance abuse program that offers a step-down approach to treatment. As you gain a stronger foundation in sobriety, you move from higher levels of care, like residential treatment (inpatient treatment) or partial hospitalization programs, to outpatient programs with fewer hours and less structure. This eases your transition back into everyday life.

Integrative Treatment Team

Look for addiction therapy programs that include licensed, experienced behavioral healthcare professionals. Psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, therapists, and recovery aids typically make up a comprehensive treatment team.

Long-Term Recovery Support

Make sure your substance abuse program has resources in place to help you succeed in sobriety. This includes a thorough aftercare plan so you can continue your recovery journey after leaving the rehab facility.


Choose a treatment facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission or other national accrediting body. This ensures they are adhering to the highest standards of care.

Make the Call That Changes Everything

Life in recovery is better. If you or a loved one is struggling, call us today.

Questions about treatment options?

Our admissions team is available 24/7 to listen to your story and help you get started with the next steps.

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