Drug Card Program

The program can be used to provide savings on prescriptions not covered by Medicare Part D or private health insurance. It includes discounts on all brand-name and generic prescription medications.

The New Jersey Drug Card is preactivated and accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies around the country. This includes most of the major pharmacy chains.

History of the New Jersey Drug Card

The New Jersey Drug Card program was put into place on May 23, 2011. This program has relationships with the Commerce Industry Association of New Jersey, more than 10 county wellness programs, and the New Jersey Hospital Association.

New Jersey residents and visitors are eligible to participate in program. There are no applications to fill out or membership programs to join.

Why Was This Program Enacted?

The program was developed to assist people who are underinsured, uninsured, and even those with insurance.

It is designed to be compatible with all insurance plans and programs. If you have insurance, it will not lower your copay, but you can use the card to purchase prescriptions that may not be covered by your insurance plan.

It is designed to be used by senior citizens with Medicare Part D plans for drugs that are not covered under their program, those with high-deductible plans, and those who have already exceeded their annual prescription limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate in the New Jersey Drug Card Program?

The card is free for everyone. Residents of New Jersey are eligible to get discounts through the program.

There are no requirements needed to use the New Jersey Drug Card. There is no limit on pre-existing conditions or deductibles. There are no age or income requirements, and no waiting period is required for the card.

Again, the New Jersey Drug Card Program was developed to help people who do not have prescription coverage or those with coverage who have large copays or limitations on their coverage. You can also use the New Jersey drug card instead of your insurance coverage if the card offers you greater savings than your insurance.

How to Use the Card

The process is quite simple.

  • Take the discount card with you to your pharmacy when you are getting your prescriptions.
  • When paying for your prescriptions, present the discount card.
  • The clerk will use your card to discount your prescriptions.

What Prescription Drugs Can the New Jersey Drug Card Being Used For?

The New Jersey Drug Card program applies to all FDA-approved prescription medications. This includes both brand-name and generic prescription medications.

What Pharmacies Accept the New Jersey Drug Card?

At the time of this writing, the cards are accepted at more than 68,000 local pharmacies and nearly all major chain pharmacies across the United States. It is highly likely that the pharmacy you use is already part of this system.

What Type of Discount Can I Expect?

Pricing varies according to different pharmacies. Pricing for prescription medication is subject to change at any time.

If you use the card, you can save up to 80 percent on the total cost of your medications, but the average savings are around 30 percent.

If I Have Insurance, Can I Still Use the New Jersey Drug Card?

Yes. While the program is designed to help uninsured people afford prescription medications, you can still use it if you have insurance coverage.

You can use the New Jersey Drug Card for discounts on medications that are not covered by your insurance. If the savings offered by the card is greater than the price you would pay with your insurance, you can use the card. Simply ask your pharmacist which method would give you the most savings.

How Can Free Drug Cards Be Provided to Residents of New Jersey?

Pharmacies support and participate in the statewide prescription assistance program. This allows for the savings generated by the New Jersey Drug Card.

How Do I Get a Card?

You can go to the website www.NJDrugCard.com and download a free New Jersey Drug Card. You can also locate participating pharmacies, search for prices of medications, and ask questions regarding the New Jersey Drug Card through the website.

Does the Program Share Personal Information With Pharmacies or Drug Manufacturers?

No personal information is shared, and you are not required to give any personal information.

Does the Card Offer Any Other Benefits?

In addition to providing discounts on generic and brand-name prescription medications, the card can also help you get discounts on additional health products, including hearing devices, eyeglasses, supplements for diabetes, and other products. You can find out more information at their website.

What if I Have Trouble Getting the Card Online?

You can visit any CVS Pharmacy in New Jersey. They can process your prescription through the New Jersey Drug Card program.

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