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Whether you’re considering drug and alcohol treatment or you’re at the stage where you’re ready to get help for your addiction, where you’ll receive that help is undoubtedly on your mind. Choosing where you go is an extremely important part of the process! Treatment centers vary largely in terms of program offerings, credible staff and resources all of which can benefit or hinder your recovery process. However, too often individuals choose drug and alcohol treatment centers solely based upon geographical convenience. Many people turn to their insurance providers or physicians who provide only local options. While for some this may be the best choice for them, for many individuals distancing themselves from the familiar may be critical to their success in recovery. Yes, contrary to popular belief, traveling for drug and alcohol treatment may be the best thing for you!


Different Location, Fresh Start

Simply put, engaging in drug and alcohol treatment in another geographical area provides a physical fresh start, as well as a mental one. Being in a new environment and distancing yourself from those in which you used to use provides you with the space and mindset to develop new skills. The new skills that you learn can then be applied upon returning home to cope with stressors, identify triggers and ultimately prevent relapse.


New Faces, Advanced Support

It’s not uncommon when choosing drug and alcohol treatment close to home to run into people in the program who you’re familiar with. Furthermore, if this is not your first time in treatment you’re likely to be familiar with the local treatment options and teams, which isn’t always the most beneficial. Surrounding yourself with new peers, as well as a different treatment team can expand your support system and can further the feeling of a fresh start. You’ll be introduced to new perspectives, experiences and

Less Triggers, More Focus

Distancing oneself from potentially triggering people, places and things allows individuals to focus more on what is important, recovery from drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, traveling for treatment makes it somewhat harder to use as you’re far away from your dealers or familiar liquor stores. Ultimately, you’re eliminating easy access to enablers and familiar triggers.


Traveling for addiction treatment isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone. For example, some individuals may benefit from being closer to home, where their family can also engage in the recovery process alongside them. The moral of the story is, choose what’s best for you! When considering addiction treatment look into your options, local treatment providers and those that aren’t. If you’ve been in treatment before ask yourself what about that program worked? What didn’t work for me? Be conscious that what might be the most convenient or familiar, might not be the best option for your success.

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