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Many of us are attached to our smartphones, looking at the latest news and scrolling our social media feeds. To many’s surprise, our smartphone can be used to assist those in recovery too.

Though support groups and therapy are often seen as key components to sustaining long-term recovery, you may sometimes find it difficult to access these options.

Recovery based apps can be a great way to ensure that you stay connected to the recovery scene when unable to get to that meeting or need some extra motivation.

Without further ado, here are 5 apps for sobriety and support in recovery:



12 Steps Companion

Features a Big Book reader with a search tool, a notes section, and a database for you 12-step contacts. This app also has a sobriety calculator to help you easily track you sober time and remind you of upcoming celebrations. A simple app which can assist in offering motivation and help keep you connected to those in the sober support network.

12 Step Speakers

If you are looking for a great app that allows you to listen to a variety of 12-step speakers anytime you need to hear the message of recovery you may want to download this app. Sometimes not being able to get to your homegroup to hear the weekly speaker might seem like a negative, though 12 Step Speakers gives you the chance to hear a great speaker anytime!

My Daily Journal

My daily journal provides an easy way to write down your feelings and even share your writings on social media if you choose to. The app also provides a private setting where you can keep your journal to yourself while providing a platform for you to get your emotions out. This app allows you to write without judgment and begin to practice journaling.

Meeting Guide

Meeting Guide provides an up to date database of 12-step meetings at your fingertips. This app shows the distance to a meeting, can be filtered to displays specific types of meeting such as beginners, speaker, or LGBT. Download this app and never worry about needing a meeting while traveling and not knowing where one is. A simple to use, free recovery tool!

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

The “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” book has been a staple for many in recovery, offering daily inspiration and guidance on your recovery journey. The freedom of not having to haul around an actual book provides an at your fingertips resources for motivation and recovery insights that can easily be shared with your network.

Author: William Wilder, BSW, CADC, ICGC-II – Footprints to Recovery – National Director of Outreach

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