Eliott Wolbrom

Chief Marketing Officer

|  EWolbrom@footprintstorecovery.com

  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Interests & Passions: I am an avid reader, an amateur writer, student of History (with a special interest in Pre-1800 American History) and a lover of playing and following sports (most notably hockey, where you’ll find me childishly die-hard rooting for my beloved New York Rangers). My guilty pleasures are being consumed by social media, all things politics, the study of advertising and marketing and a self-diagnosed, unhealthy obsession with Steve Jobs.
  • What do you like most about your job? I am extremely passionate about creating a culture of industry disruptors that are laser-focused on bringing a profoundly positive, modern and contemporary change to those suffering from addiction. I’m committed to creating a space where our clinical expertise – the very best in the country – lives in a world molded specifically to the type of environment and culture that our patients will most effectively respond to long-term. We are going to create a life-impacting movement for those that need our help and the opportunity to bring patients the assistance they need in a powerful new way is what I love most about my role.
  • Together we…will impact the drug and rehabilitation world and create a Movement the way Steve Jobs and Apple impacted technology, communication, and society as a whole.

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