Laura R Herrmann, MA

Vice President, Outreach and Marketing

| [email protected]

  • Hometown: New York
  • Education: BSSP from Emerson College, MA from Tufts School of Medicine/Emerson College
  • Certifications & Degrees: BSSP, MA
  • Interests & Passions:I love yoga, hiking and working on my own spiritual growth. I also love dogs! My passion for mental health, substance use disorders and patient empowerment has driven my career and continues to be the motivation to work within the best treatment options to help those struggling.
  • What do you like most about your job?The ability to do what I love in an area where I am deeply passionate provides me a VERY good reason to get up in the morning. Also, Footprints to Recovery is the best in the field, so I am incredibly proud that I get to work with the very best!
  • Together we… will continue to find innovative and successful ways to help those who are struggling with substance use disorder and trauma and erase the stigma, one step at a time.

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