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Ambrozino Storr

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Ambrozino Storr

Ambrozino Storr, MSBM, ACHE

Chief Operating Officer

Ambrozino Storr has 15 years of progressively responsible experience and knowledge in the field of behavioral health care and financial management. He has extensive experience supporting psychiatric clinical patient services for adults, adolescents and children in outpatient and inpatient deliveries of care. Storr has successfully launched startups in Nevada, Arizona and California. Cross functional communicator, he effectively works with all levels of staff, including executive management, physicians, nursing, patients, families, customer partners and regulatory agencies. Storr holds a MS in Business Management from National University and a BS in Psychology from Northern Illinois University. Ambrozino has strong knowledge and connections within the southwest market, particularly Arizona where he worked closely with state regulatory bodies and payors to launch an acute psychiatric hospital for adolescents and two residential expansions. 

  • Hometown: Las Vegas Nevada 
  • Interest &Passion: Being a husband and dad, building teams, mentoring leaders in the behavioral health space, working with at risk teens, charity work with teens, sports, business. 
  • What do you like most about your job: it’s not a job to me but more of a passion. I love being a part of developing the teams that saves lives. 
  • Together we… will save lives!!!

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