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Alumni Community of Footprints to Recovery

Stay connected in your recovery after leaving treatment.

Support doesn’t end when treatment ends, and at Footprints to Recovery, we understand the need for ongoing accountability and friendship in recovery. That’s why we developed a comprehensive alumni program.

What Is the Alumni Program?

The Alumni Community provides a place for all alumni to build and maintain relationships within recovery. We offer activities and events that promote support, community, and service. It is possible to have fun in recovery; our program always strives for that!

In the past, Footprints to Recovery alumni have enjoyed:

Our clients play a significant role in choosing these events, and we’re always open to suggestions.

While having fun is essential, recovery stays at the forefront of our program. At each event, our alumni coordinator checks in with every individual. They will see how you’re doing and if you need any support or resources. Our alumni community strives to provide a safe and non-judgmental community for everyone.

Finally, we also offer weekly alumni recovery support meetings. All alumni are welcome to join these groups for processing, skill-building, and peer support.

Why Is an Alumni Program Important?

Many people struggle to acclimate to the real world after completing treatment. Your life has been so focused on learning who you are, understanding the future you want, and working toward it that jumping back into the responsibilities of daily life can be challenging. Some people also struggle to make sober friends or find fun, sober activities on their own.

An alumni program helps you build and maintain meaningful relationships with people who understand what you’ve been through. It keeps you connected with your sober support. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to try exciting new things—without paying a dime.

Having access to a weekly support group can be tremendously beneficial. If you’re struggling in recovery, this group offers a safe place to express yourself.

How Do You Benefit from Being Connected with An Alumni Program?

Our clients love our alumni program for many reasons. First, socializing can be difficult in early recovery. Being surrounded by other sober friends (who also want to make friends!) makes this task much more comfortable.

An alumni program creates a natural sense of accountability and community. These assets are so essential in recovery. Engaging in the world and connecting with other people helps you stay on track. If you recognize that you’re struggling, the community is there to help you. 

Finally, an alumni program highlights just how possible it is to have fun while in recovery. Many people fear that life will be boring without drugs or alcohol. But when you’re active in your addiction, your life (even if it isn’t necessarily boring) probably feels incredibly stressful. Our alumni program shows you some of the many ways you can find pleasure and joy in recovery.

At Footprints to Recovery, we invite all our alumni to our alumni program and support meetings. We’re excited to show you how meaningful your life can be! If you have any questions about our program, please email us at We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sober events chosen by you

A support system always in place

Meet Our Alumni Coordinators

At Footprints to Recovery, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process and sometimes it can feel like doing it alone. That’s why we connect you with our alumni coordinators who will offer personalized support and guidance after completing treatment at one of our facilities.

Our alumni coordinators are trained to assist you in finding the best local recovery resources available. We encourage you to reach out if you need help in finding local 12-step meetings and other peer support groups, as well as any additional help you need in the recovery process. In addition to these resources, our alumni coordinators are dedicated to helping you keep your recovery goals on track with regular follow-ups and check-ins.

Footprints to Recovery also holds regular alumni support meetings that can provide ongoing support after recovery, as well as group activities and gatherings for those looking to stay connected with their peers. Even if you return home from out of state, our team can help connect you with local networks of people in recovery, so you can build lasting relationships for ongoing support. We’re here to help you stay on the path to a life-long recovery. 

Rachelle Vargas National Alumni Director

Rachelle Vargas joined Vogue Recovery Center in March 2020 as a Behavioral Health Technician. Since then, she has taken on various roles within the organization including Shift Lead, Alumni Coordinator, and Director of Alumni Services. Her current position as National Alumni Director for Aliya Health Group involves overseeing all Aliya alumni programs, engaging with the community, and providing support to the alumni team.

Rachelle graduated from Wyotech in 2011 with a degree in Medical Assisting. She is currently pursuing her degree in Business Management. She is also a Reiki Master and is certified in Spiritual and Holistic Healing. Prior to joining the Aliya Health Group team, Rachelle worked as a Project Manager at Barr Commercial Door from 2011 to 2014, an Associate at Irvine Company from 2014 to 2018, and at Safe and Secure Alarm and Video from 2018 to 2020. Her past work experience, both in the behavioral health field and management roles, has contributed significantly to her current position. These roles have equipped her with valuable skills in problem-solving, team building, strategic planning, effective leadership, and fostering relationships within the recovery community.

Having experienced her own journey of recovery, Rachelle felt called to help individuals and families with mental health disorders and addiction. She is driven by the desire to share her experience, strength, and hope to help others achieve long-term sobriety. Outside of work, Rachelle finds joy in spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, going to the gym, reading, and following hockey and baseball, her two favorite sports.

Anthony Paccillo

Anthony Paccillo Alumni Coordinator, NJ

Anthony Paccillo joined Footprints to Recovery in November of 2022 as the Alumni & Community Relations Coordinator. His main responsibilities include overseeing the alumni program for Footprints to Recovery’s location in New Jersey as well as working to foster connections within the local recovery community. He also takes the time to help new clients with their transition into our recovery programs and monitors their progress afterward. This includes guiding clients through the discharge process, maintaining consistent communication post-discharge, and conducting regular check-ins at various intervals after treatment completion.

Anthony travels extensively to detox locations across New Jersey to spread awareness about the program, provide prospective clients with valuable insights, and assist individuals struggling with addiction in finding the appropriate path to recovery.

Anthony’s motivation to join the addiction recovery field stems from his personal experience as a former client of Footprints to Recovery. The most rewarding aspect of his work is witnessing the profound transformation of each client who comes to our treatment center for help. He believes everyone has a beautiful, successful person inside them just waiting to be found.

Anthony was born and raised in New Jersey and maintains strong ties to the community. When not assisting his clients, he enjoys playing volleyball, getting outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and reading.

James Mason Alumni Coordinator, IL

James Mason is the Alumni Coordinator for Footprints to Recovery. He assumed the role in 2023 after serving as a Behavioral Health Technician in 2022. His main responsibilities include following up with current and recent clients as well as assisting with the transition back to their lives after treatment. He is Crisis Prevention Intervention and CPR/AED certified.

James graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2014 after studying Computer Science Enterprise Software and Business Administration. His past employment includes time with companies like IBM, GTreasury, and ISC Corp. During this phase of his career, he developed a deep understanding of software development and problem-solving, enhancing his analytical skills and fostering his ability to tackle complex challenges.

James was motivated to join the Footprints to Recovery team after his own fight against substance abuse. He finds joy in helping people going through a situation that he once was in. While not helping his clients, James enjoys spending time with his daughter, going to the gym, and watching sports.

Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens Alumni Coordinator, CO

Ian Stephens joined the Footprints to Recovery team in 2021 as the Alumni Coordinator. His main responsibilities include staying in touch with clients as they are discharged to offer support in their future recovery. He coordinates weekly alumni meetings and events and finds resources to aid clients in long-term recovery. He is also instrumental in helping people return to treatment in the case of a relapse. His efforts and dedication to his work have earned Ian the title of Employee of the Month while working for Aliya.

Ian’s passion for his job stems from his own recovery journey. He was first introduced to the treatment industry while attending Footprints to Recovery as a client. His recovery journey spanned more than 10 years, making him an excellent resource for those experiencing a relapse. His desire to help others stems from the care, compassion, and understanding he received while treatment. His favorite part about his work is seeing the look in someone’s eyes when they realize they have the strength and opportunity to achieve their goals.

Ian hails from Kansas City, MO and he loves attending recovery meetings, reading, fishing, and poking through thrift stores in his spare time.

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