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Footprints to Recovery Sample Schedule

Clinically Reviewed

This page has been clinically reviewed by Laurie Woodard, MA, LAC, LPC.

Curious about what a typical day looks like in an addiction treatment program? Drug and alcohol treatment schedules vary by treatment center as well as the level of care. For example, the highest level of care is inpatient treatment, where you live at the alcohol or drug rehab and attend substance abuse treatment during the day. As part of residential treatment, you’ll also have evening events like 12-step meetings or other structured activities. 

After inpatient rehab, many people will step down to a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program. These typically have similar drug and alcohol treatment schedules as residential treatment, but you’ll stay at a sober living home or other residence. Daytime programming hours will be a little less than traditional inpatient drug rehab. 

As you get a stronger foothold in addiction recovery, you may transition to an outpatient program that meets three to five hours a week. Outpatient rehab is group-therapy based with staff to help you obtain other outpatient resources as needed.

At Footprints to Recovery, we personalize treatment plans to your individualized needs. Your drug and alcohol treatment schedule will be unique to your treatment plan and also depends on the level of care as well as the Footprints to Recovery location, but the below schedule of an outpatient treatment program will give you an idea of what to expect in addiction treatment.

Sample Schedules From Multiple Locations Featuring Various Levels of Care

If you are trying to decide between attending an inpatient or outpatient rehab program, consider the daily treatment schedule for each type of program. The programs offered at each treatment facility will vary in their details, but the below schedules will give you an idea of what to generally expect with each type of treatment program.

Check out our sample schedules to get a better idea of what treatment looks like: 

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