Sober Living & Recovery Homes

Structured, supportive environments for individuals in early recovery.


Sober living also referred to as recovery housing or independent living provides a drug-free, structured, safe and supportive environment for individuals in treatment and recovery from alcohol or drugs.


Many of those who enter into treatment benefit from sober living, as it removes them from the environments, surroundings, or people in which they were previously using. While in Sober living individuals have the opportunity to continue to incorporate important coping and relapse prevention skills into their everyday lives. If you are interested in or decide you need sober living, our admissions coordinators will work with you to connect you to honest, safe, and nurturing providers in our communities.

Over 70% of Footprints to Recovery patients choose recovery home living

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  • Self-help
  • Entertainment
  • Study
  • Reflection
  • Exercise
  • Teamwork

Programs to Consider Before Sober Living

In order to get the most success out of a sober living home environment, it is recommended that a patient complete some sort of clinical addiction treatment prior to entering.

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Have questions about sober living? We can answer any questions you might have about our locations, availability, rules, and eligibility.

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