At Footprints to Recovery we believe that what makes us
successful is listening to those who we work with.
Here’s a look into what others have had to say –
“When I was at my darkest point in my life, I picked up the phone and put my faith in the people at Footprints. The counselors, technicians, and directors at Footprints are some of the most dedicated and non- judgemental individuals that I have met throughout my recovery process. They gave me the positive support that I needed to pick myself back up, but were never afraid to show me tough love when I needed that too”

William E, New Jersey

“While I was here, I feel that I was given the chance to regain the confidence to resume the roles in life that mean the most to me as a woman in recovery, a great mother, and a loving daughter, sister and friend.  The director and staff here made this possible from day one by greeting me and making themselves available throughout the entire process.  The groups were wonderful.  They were interactive, but they also varied, which allowed me to begin making decisions for me and my recovery.  The individual sessions with my counselor helped me to work through many issues that I needed to address before returning to home to my family.  Thank you Footprints for the opportunity to start my recovery process here in such a wonderful facility.  Your efforts are all much appreciated”

 Katie D, Pennsylvania

“Footprints saved my life. I had never been to a rehab before and really didn’t know what to expect but from stories from the other patients I knew I was in a special place. From my first day staff took time out of their day to make sure I was doing okay. I wasn’t used to people doing that, and that was just the beginning. I was a completely different person when I walked through those doors then the man I am today”

Mike R, Illinois

“I’ve spent the past 2 years trying to get sober in and out of treatment, but each time I’ve felt something was missing. When I came to Footprints to Recovery I was destroyed, hopeless and scared. The staff here immediately took me in and actually took the time to help me begin my healing process and to this day they’ve stood by me and believed in me, even on the days I couldn’t believe in myself. I truly feel that the staff and program at Footprints have given me a real chance at finding myself once more”

– Sarah H, Illinois

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