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“When I was at my darkest point in my life, I picked up the phone and put my faith in the people at Footprints. The counselors, technicians, and directors at Footprints are some of the most dedicated and non- judgemental individuals that I have met throughout my recovery process. They gave me the positive support that I needed to pick myself back up, but were never afraid to show me tough love when I needed that too”

William E, New Jersey

“While I was here, I feel that I was given the chance to regain the confidence to resume the roles in life that mean the most to me as a woman in recovery, a great mother, and a loving daughter, sister and friend.  The director and staff here made this possible from day one by greeting me and making themselves available throughout the entire process.  The groups were wonderful.  They were interactive, but they also varied, which allowed me to begin making decisions for me and my recovery.  The individual sessions with my counselor helped me to work through many issues that I needed to address before returning to home to my family.  Thank you Footprints for the opportunity to start my recovery process here in such a wonderful facility.  Your efforts are all much appreciated”

 Katie D, Pennsylvania

“Footprints saved my life. I had never been to a rehab before and really didn’t know what to expect but from stories from the other clients I knew I was in a special place. From my first day staff took time out of their day to make sure I was doing okay. I wasn’t used to people doing that, and that was just the beginning. I was a completely different person when I walked through those doors then the man I am today”

Mike R, Illinois

“I’ve spent the past 2 years trying to get sober in and out of treatment, but each time I’ve felt something was missing. When I came to Footprints to Recovery I was destroyed, hopeless and scared. The staff here immediately took me in and actually took the time to help me begin my healing process and to this day they’ve stood by me and believed in me, even on the days I couldn’t believe in myself. I truly feel that the staff and program at Footprints have given me a real chance at finding myself once more”

– Sarah H, Illinois

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  • Our fear was that our child would not become clean and sober. We were pleasantly surprised that we were incorrect. Rather our child is clean and sober for 10 months thanks to Footprints to Recovery! We are no longer the fractured family that we were due to our child's addiction. Footprints has taught our child to be accountable, respectful, responsible and realize there are consequences for one's actions.

  • We can not put into words how fantastic footprints to recovery is. If your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, 100% get them into this program! It works! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us a whole and healthy family again!

  • Every single clinician at Footprints developed a relationship with me regardless of being my primary counselor or not. I was respected and treated as an individual versus being a number or just another client to walk through the doors.

    William E. Alumni
  • My biggest fear while seeking treatment was owning up to the stuff I did, which I have been able to do without fear. It's a really good program and you don't come across great programs like this a lot.

    Sarah U. Alumni
  • What I valued most in working with Footprints was their flexibility, their willingness to work with me. They will work with you for your best interest, not just for your money.

    Kevin D. Alumni
  • “I thought treatment was going to be a miserable place, this did not come true. Treatment has been pleasant and comfortable. I appreciate having something to make me accountable, being able to assess my progress. I’d tell others to at least give it a shot!”

    Israel S. Alumni
  • My biggest fear has always been social rejection; not being able to integrate into the community. That definitely didn’t happen, I’ve formed good relationships with the guys here.

    Justin C. Alumni
  • You have freedom and structure at the same time. The staff genuinely cares about you and wants to help you. They teach us how to cook, we do yoga, we have art and music classes, and meditation. They taught me how to have fun sober. I am so grateful for the experience I had at Footprints.

    Sammy W. Alumni
  • I believe that the way this program is set up and how you are treated like any other member of society, with rewards and a sense of freedom, is why anyone looking for help to achieve sobriety should choose Footprints. From nothing but personal experience, I highly recommend this program.

    Luke K. Alumni
  • Every person had an interest and compassion in my recovery. I am grateful to have found this place. I like that it is not 12 step required and I was offered many coping skills.

    Sandra T. Alumni
  • What makes Footprints different from any other treatment center is they actually put you in the solution rather than just teach you the clinical aspect of addiction. Natalie Woulf was the first counselor I had that dug down to the root of my issues and actually cared about me as a human being.

    Robert H. Alumni
  • Jenny Wagner is without a doubt the greatest counselor I’ve ever worked with. I could tell right away she cares very deeply about what she does and that passion really got through to me. The fact that she cared about me made me want to care as well, which is something I have struggled with as long as I can remember. She helped me get to the root of a problem and truly examine it. She guided me to the conclusions I needed to draw and the steps I needed to take on my own. Footprints to Recovery is hands down the best treatment program I have ever gone through and Jenny Wagner is a prime example of the kind of care one can expect to get there.

    Riley M. Alumni
  • I like to call Footprints my ‘safe zone'. I've been to treatment probably over 15 times, I knew I wanted to be sober I just didn't know how. Footprints staff took me under their wing and started to guide me through my road to recovery. My counselor met me with patience. With her shame-free attitude and support, my counselor Jenny Wagner became my number one cheerleader. They taught me how to accept reality just as it is, no matter how painful it can be. I thought Footprints was just going to be another rehab, but I actually found my home.

    Francesca S. Alumni
  • What has helped is giving the people who walk through our doors a voice, we want to emphasize it’s their program.

    Stacy Staff
  • We have created a safe space for clients to explore thoughts, feelings, and emotions that they were too uncomfortable to express previously. For this very reason, we've attracted a very large population struggling with complex issues including but not limited to their trauma histories, mental health symptoms, their sexual orientation, etc.

    Lori Staff
  • With our dedicated staff, and small client to therapist ratio, we are able to provide an intimate safe environment that fosters healing and acceptance.

    Lori Staff
  • There’s something powerful to being heard, someone hearing you is very healing. The goal is for everyone to leave here with a new coping skill to ground themselves."

    Mary Staff
  • People often feel so alone in their addiction, we offer them this nonjudgmental open and supportive group. We emphasize individuality, but also togetherness.

    Caitlin Staff

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