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Darek Horan

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Darek Horan

Darek Horan

Director of Business Development

Darek Horan began his career at Aliya Health Group in April 2020, initially serving as a National Business Development Officer before being promoted to Associate Director of Business Development. He has since ascended to the role of Director of Business Development. In this position, he leads a team and plays a pivotal role in forging connections with essential outreach resources.

Over the past seven years, Darek has been a part of the behavioral health field, with a career deeply rooted in outreach and management. His employment history within the last decade includes roles such as Outreach Representative and Director of Business Development for various treatment organizations.  

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Darek’s commitment to his work is driven by his desire to assist and give back, a sentiment that blossomed from his own experiences. He finds reward in playing a role in the transformative journeys of others. When not following his professional pursuits, Darek enjoys spending time with his daughter and a round of golf. 

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