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Footprints to Recovery COVID-19 Policy Update

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Our COVID-19 Policy


In the interest of early detection and for the health of our population, we kindly ask that any visitor who has a fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms stay home. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons who may be considered a threat to the health of our population. 

At Footprints to Recovery, our immediate concern is to keep our patients and staff safe from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

To take all of the appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of patients and employees concerning COVID-19, our entire staff has been thoroughly educated on the signs and symptoms of the virus to ensure proper procedure and monitoring.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cough

It is important to note, that symptoms of COVID-19 are not always noticeable, and therefore, the only way people will know if they have the virus is to be tested. However, limited testing for the virus has unfortunately caused it to spread further.  

To stop the virus from spreading further, our team has been instructed to strictly follow the guidelines set by the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

We are reporting any known incidences of coronavirus or anyone thought to be infected at our facilities to the local health department and other necessary medical personnel to ensure the safety of our other patients and employees. 

Footprints to Recovery COVID-19 Procedures

At Footprints to Recovery, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still accepting new patients at each of our facilities at this time. However, we ask that you please read our precautions and procedures that we have recently listed for current and potential new patients to follow below. 



  • All visitors coming to our facility will be greeted outside by a designated Footprints to Recovery employee.
  • Just like any patient, all visitors will also be asked to participate in the Infectious Disease Screening for safety purposes. 

Current Patients

  • Due to COVID-19, all current patients who miss treatment due to some sort of illness, a doctor’s note is required to be able to return. 
  • For patients who do not feel well, you are required to follow the stay home order and seek medical attention. 
  • Patients who come to treatment with any symptoms related to COVID-19 will be taken to the Emergency Department for further examination. 
  • If any patient tests positive for COVID-19 at any of our facilities, they will be quarantined in isolation away from everyone else and will require medical clearance before returning to treatment.

Potential Patient Admissions

  • Our admissions department will be administering the Infectious Disease Screening, for ALL potential patients who want to receive treatment at our facilities. 
  • If a potential patient indicates YES to any of the questions on the Infectious Disease Screening, they will be required to obtain some sort of medical clearance before their admissions appointment.  

New Patient Admissions

  • For all NEW patients looking to be admitted to one of our Footprints facilities, an appointment needs to be scheduled for admission. Those who are scheduled will be greeted outside the facility by a Footprints to Recovery employee. 
  • New patients much complete the Infectious Disease Screening Questionnaire. If a new patient indicates YES to any of the questions on the Infectious Disease Screening, they will be required to obtain some sort of medical clearance before their admissions appointment.     

Other Available Resources to Utilize Amid COVID-19


*All FTR facilities now have telehealth capabilities.

As everyone has been ordered to social distance ourselves and stay home for the safety of ourselves and others, all Footprints to Recovery facilities now offer telehealth services, as a means to further prevent the spreading of this virus. 

For people who are unable to come to any of our treatment locations in New Jersey, Colorado, or Illinois, due to quarantine or COVID-19 related health concerns, you will still be able to receive the help that you need.  

Our virtual addiction treatment services provide individuals with the opportunity to remain connected and involved with treatment and therapy groups via video chat technology while keeping the appropriate and safe distance from others. 

Virtual Recovery Group Resources:

Just because COVID-19 has put a major halt on things, healthcare is still available. This goes for addiction treatment. Sobriety can be maintained and doesn’t have to end, just because in-person meetings can’t be held. 

There are a plethora of addiction resources out there to help you or a loved one keep up with your recovery and prevent relapse. Here are various 12-Step meetings available for you can still attend virtually during the pandemic. 

Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Virtual Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Virtual Heroin Anonymous (HA) Meetings 

*(Temporarily on Tuesday’s at 7:00 pm EST)

Meeting ID: 4863421195

Virtual Al-Anon Family Group Meetings

Virtual SMART Recovery Meetings

Virtual SOS Sobriety Meetings

Other Important COVID-19 Information

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Stay Safe! Thank You For Your Understanding  

Addiction treatment facilities such as ours, need to continue to take necessary action, to spread awareness of COVID-19, and most importantly, prioritize patient and employee safety. Stay safe, and most importantly, stay home! 

Best regards,

Footprints to Recovery

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