Footprints to Recovery

Kristen Hall

Kristen Hall

Director of Business Development

Kristen Hall became a part of the Aliya Health Group network of treatment centers in 2016, initially serving as an Outreach Specialist at Footprints to Recovery. Over time, she transitioned into the position of Regional Development Officer and currently holds the position of Director of Business Development for Footprints to Recovery. In her current role, Kristen is responsible for managing her team and overseeing various partnership accounts.

Before becoming a member of Aliya, Kristen founded Dignity House Sober Living in 2014 and continues to serve as its owner. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and studied communications. As of 2022, is a Nationally Certified Event Interventionist from the Addiction Training Center. 

Her passion for her work stems from her personal recovery journey, igniting a deep passion for helping others find healing and wellness. As director of business development, Kristen finds joy in helping others find the gift of recovery and witnessing her clients realize their full potential. The most rewarding aspect of her job is observing the profound transformation that takes place in the lives of her clients.

Born in Canada, she spent her formative years in Germany and now proudly resides in Pennsylvania. As an avid traveler, Kristen finds deep fulfillment in supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, guiding them towards healing and wellness in her role as a vital member of the Footprints to Recovery business development team. When she’s not guiding her clients on their recovery journey, you’ll find her delighting in watching her son play baseball.

Nationally Certified Event Interventionist (CEI)