The NJ Department of Human Services

People with disabilities, older adults, children and families, and people with low income levels are all served by NJ DHS.

How the New Jersey Department of Human Services Helps NJ Residents

Every state in the United States has a Department of Human Services. These departments provide social services to a range of people who have disabilities or low income levels.

In New Jersey, there are several groups that are supported by various food or health care social services provided by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, including:

  • People with developmental disabilities.
  • Late-onset disabilities like age-related blindness.
  • People who are blind, visually impaired, or hearing impaired.
  • Individuals with low income levels.
  • Children and families with low incomes.
  • Parents in need of childcare services, health care for children, or child support.
  • Older adults with low income and significant health care needs.
  • People with substance use disorders or mental health disorders.
  • Families facing catastrophic medical expenses for their children.

There are eight divisions providing these services for those in need, including health insurance through the NJ FamilyCare program or the state’s management of the federal Medicaid program. There is also food assistance through NJ SNAP, personal care services, support for older adults’ independent living, and other offerings.

People who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol can get help through the New Jersey Department of Human Services, through the Department of Addiction Services (DAS). The overseeing body for both addiction and mental health treatment is the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), created in 2011.

Typically, drugs that are smoked or injected will leave the body faster than those that are snorted. Drugs that are swallowed will stay in the body longest.

DHS Divisions Dedicated to Addiction Treatment and Help

The following programs are offered through the Department of Addiction Services:

Intoxicated Driving (IDP)

Prevention and early intervention services

Treatment services

Recovery support

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Discuss Your Recovery Options

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Support for the Community of New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Human Services provides a range of important programs to those who need assistance due to financial, physical, or mental constraints. These programs are important to ensuring the public is healthy and supported.

Many departments within the Department of Human Services support mental health, addiction treatment, recovery, and early intervention services. Thanks to this support, many New Jersey residents are able to access the assistance they need.

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