Ambivalent About Seeking Addiction Treatment?

For some, seeking addiction treatment can be a complex, anxiety-provoking and diverse process; it’s no wonder that people are left feeling ambivalent. If you’re feeling ambivalent while seeking addiction treatment, below are five questions to consider when deciding if addiction treatment is right for you.


What concerns prevent you from seeking addiction treatment?

There are a host of reasons why one can be apprehensive about addiction treatment. It could be due to a lack of understanding, resources, or even having the proper support system in place to provide encouragement. Could it be that you worry about who will take care of your family? The length of treatment? Or perhaps you don’t know if you want to change? To help quell some of these concerns, start off by researching what addiction treatment is. There is not one model of addiction treatment, rather there are a variety of treatment options as well as structures. Do your research, talk to individuals in the industry and explore what options would work best for you.


Do you find yourself in worsened situations associated with substance use?

This question can be a difficult yet eye-opening one to consider. If you’re considering seeking addiction treatment, odds are you’re unhappy with your current circumstances. Maybe you find that you’re putting yourself in dangerous situations? You may be harming your health in irreversible ways that can cause long-lasting effects. Or perhaps your relationships are suffering? There’s no question that addiction recovery takes work; however, if you look at yourself, your surroundings or your life and are unsatisfied there’s no question it’s worth it.

How does my substance use affect my personal relationships?

One of the most common negative factors associated with drug and alcohol use is the strain it puts on relationships. If you’re feeling ambivalent while seeking addiction treatment, ask yourself – would my relationships improve if I were in recovery?! Some may be surprised to learn that addiction treatment has a wider reach than just treating the individual seeking help. Through individual, group and family therapy individuals undoubtedly will work on the relationships in their lives. Additionally, almost all programs provide a new support group of other individuals in recovery.


Are you in the proper position to take advantage of treatment?

Since addiction does not discriminate, anyone can be a victim. Whether you’re the sole provider in your household, a student, a young adult struggling to provide for your future, or an older individual, addiction treatment comes in many forms and it is beneficial at all stages of life. It’s likely that if you’re considering seeking addiction treatment your current situation has been affected by your drug and alcohol abuse. While there will undoubtedly be some changes that need to be made, and it may by no means be easy, all of the things you’re worried about will likely get better upon you seeking treatment. Did you know that there are organizations and treatment centers that are available to assist individuals who need treatment AND help them get their affairs in order? This can be anything from arranging transportation, connecting you with an interventionist, or helping you find housing during treatment. Bottom line, don’t let your worries or what if’s get in the way of your chance at an improved life.


What is your end goal?

When considering seeking addiction treatment think about your future, where do you see yourself? Do you have goals you have yet to strive for because of this roadblock? Are you trying to save money for a car, house, or to pay off debt? There are a litany of reasons why seeking treatment now is the best choice. Addiction can affect various aspects of your life. Therefore, regardless of your individual goal, why not see what you can accomplish when you set yourself free?


So, what are you waiting for? Be proactive about your health, relationships, goals, dreams. The best thing that you can do is reach out for help and learn about your options. You can take that first step today.


Author: Samantha Golding – Footprints to Recovery – Admissions Coordinator

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