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8 Modern Ways to Be More Spiritual

3 minute read

Feeling stressed? Looking for something to bring peace into your life? In this crazy hectic world, it’s no surprise we’re all looking for something to ground us. Spirituality is a broad concept that may mean something different for everyone. For some it involves looking for something bigger than themselves, finding meaning in one’s life and for others, it could simply be about finding calmness.

However you personalize it, it is up to you … but there is no doubt that in today’s often frenzied society we could all possibly benefit from getting more in touch with ourselves, others and the world around us.

Below is a list of ways to do just that, with out packing up for a 14-day trip to Tibet – although we do admit that sounds nice!

1. Pay Attention to Your Dreams

An easy way to tap into your unconscious mind is to tune into your dreams. Try keeping a dream journal next to your bed and writing them down in the morning.

2. Make a Habit of Actually Telling People Why You Like Them and How They Make Your Life Better

Simply put, human relationships are special. Each day we have interactions with others that we often take for granted. Make a habit of acknowledging those around you. If you appreciate someone let them know.

3. Take a Cleansing Natural Sea Bath

It has long been said that the ocean has soothing powers; however, since we can’t all go hop in – relaxing baths may be an alternative. Cleansing baths are a wonderful way to get rid of stress and unwind. If you don’t have sea salt on hand, try a substitute like Epsom salt which is known for soothing aches and pains. Throw a few drops of your favorite essential oil in for a real treat!

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4. Start Every Day By Thinking of 3 Things for Which You’re Grateful

Studies have been shown that a five-minute a daily gratitude journal can increase your long term well being by more than 10%. If you can’t get into the habit of writing them down, simply go over them in your head before you get out of bed for the day.

5. Take Your Journaling to Spend Some One-On-One Time with Yourself and Your Thoughts

Self-reflection, self-discovery, social awareness, and better communication skills are all proven benefits of journaling. If you’re having a difficult time coming up with things to journal, Journal Prompts are a sure way to get your mind going.

6. Connect to the World Through Nature

Our lives are busy and our minds are even busier. Although we may spend time in nature, our inner chatter can often distract us. The next time you are outside, make an effort to clear the clutter in your mind. Listen to the wind, look at the trees or feel the sand in your toes.

7. Try a Visualization Exercise When You Need Guidance

Often times used to help with anxiety, visualization exercises are useful whenever you feel as though you need to clear out your inner space and take a few breaths. You can find several variations of Visualization Exercises here .

8. Go Stargazing

Simple, relaxing and incredibly calming. Search for constellations. Question the universe.

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