According to the Mayo Clinic, in cold enough conditions, frostbite can occur in fewer than 30 minutes! Warm, well-fitting socks can prevent this for many people.

Unfortunately, socks are the least donated item to shelters.

The First Step

When we at Footprints to Recovery found this out, we decided to take action. Footprints has developed a campaign to help give back by gathering socks across the country to give to those in need, such as men, women and children in homeless shelters. Started in 2017, this campaign has now grown to include partners from across the country ( View Our Partners ) that are helping Footprints to Recovery gather thousands of socks and spread warmth and comfort.


We are excited to announce that our 3rd annual Socks of Love campaign has begun!

We will be collecting socks starting November 6th and doing two drop-offs of the socks, the first on December 17th and the second on January 15th.  Each one of our facilities will have a drop box for donations, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Illinois.  We will be providing drop-off schedules for facilities in the next week.  For those that want to help that are unable to drop off, we have created an online order form to directly order and send the socks to our facility.

It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of this campaign?

We are looking forward to a record collection this year – we are hoping to collect over 10,000 pairs of socks between now and January 15th; please join us in giving back in a simple way that will mean a world of difference to those who receive them.

Who will be getting these socks?

Socks collected will be donated to the following groups:

NJ – Trenton Rescue Mission
PA – Family Service of Chester County
CO – Coming Soon
IL – Care For Real | First Lutheran Church Of The Trinity | Jesse Brown VA Community Resource and Referral Center

Why give socks?

Try to recall a time when you had the misfortune of stepping into a puddle only to have the water soak all the way through to your sock. And like many, you probably wanted nothing more than to go home to change into a clean pair. Now imagine not having that luxury and having to spend the day with soggy wet feet. It sounds miserable, right? Those within our homeless communities are always in need of an extra pair of socks. Having clean and dry socks can help prevent many foot related health issues, including trench foot.

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