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Leah Woods, MS

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Leah Woods

Leah Woods, MS

Director of Clinical Outreach

Leah Woods, MS, has an impressive 12-year career spanning various roles within the healthcare and social services sectors. Currently, Leah holds the position of Director of Clinical Outreach at Footprints to Recovery. 

Leah Woods, MS, has a rich academic background, starting with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Murray State University in 2006. She advanced her education at Lindenwood University, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 2009, and furthering her expertise with a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling in 2015.

Leah’s expertise notably extended across the field of substance abuse outreach. Her commitment to service began early in her career, working as a Case Management Assistant at Barnes-Jewish Hospital from 2008 to 2010 and Children’s Service Worker for the State of Missouri until 2014. Leah has also provided direct support as a Substance Abuse Counselor at Colonial Management Group from 2015 to 2016.

In 2017, she utilized her expertise in the field as a Substance Abuse Outreach Area Coordinator at Impact Healthcare Management. A year later, she demonstrated leadership as the Substance Abuse Outreach Area Vice President at St. Louis CRUSH. Leah then enriched her portfolio as a Business Development Community Liaison at CenterPointe Hospital until the end of 2020. Leah then transitioned into her role as Business Development Officer for Footprints to Recovery, which she then held until being promoted to Director of Clinical Outreach.

Leah’s passion for helping others in her community is evident in her interactions with each person she helps. She has worked with adults in all aspects of their lives, believing that making a positive difference in someone’s life can allow them to look toward a brighter and healthier future.

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