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Rehab Programs in Colorado

Our rehab program near Denver, Colorado nurtures a safe environment in which our patients can safely recover from drugs and alcohol. We offer the following levels of care for drug and alcohol treatment:

Facility Features & Highlights

  • Medication management
  • 12-step alternatives
  • Spiritual support program
  • Psychological addiction services
  • Vocational addiction services
  • Diet & nutritional counseling
  • Family support program
  • Day and evening IOP scheduling
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

Our substance abuse recovery programs near Denver, Colorado nurtures an environment in which our patients can recover from drugs and alcohol safely and comfortably. Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs take place in our rehab center in Colorado at 6505 S Paris St. in Centennial, Colorado. Centennial is convenient to Denver—just a 20-minute drive away.

Treatment Programs Near Denver, CO

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

When you join a PHP or partial care program, you’ll attend lectures and therapy on five days per week for six hours each day. At the end of the day, you’ll go home to your own bed. This Colorado treatment program is considered the middle phase between inpatient and outpatient treatment. It may be right for you if you need structured addiction treatment without 24-hour supervision.

Learn More About PHP at Footprints to Recovery Near Denver

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Footprints to Recovery’s IOP is geared toward those who have safely detoxed from drugs or alcohol and still need addiction therapy while transitioning back into everyday life and the stresses and responsibilities that come along with it. This program provides the flexibility to attend treatment during the day or in the evenings. In total, treatment is for 9 to 15 hours per week.

Learn More About IOP at Footprints to Recovery Near Denver

Outpatient Program (OP)

Our outpatient drug rehab near Denver provides the ultimate flexibility in addiction treatment.

You’ll have treatment programming for one to two days per week for three hours per day. This level of care allows you to maintain a normal work and family schedule while continuing to engage in the recovery process. At our Colorado drug rehab center, you’ll find a place to work through life problems in groups and with your therapist without turning to addictive drugs or alcohol.

Learn More About OP at Footprints to Recovery Near Denver

Medical Detoxification/ Medically Managed Withdrawal

While our substance abuse recovery center in Colorado does not offer medical detox, we still recognize it as a crucial first step in the recovery process for most people who are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. Medically supervised withdrawal ensures that you stay safe as you come off the substances to which you’re addicted. This level of care also decreases the amount of discomfort you may experience as you stop. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has a tool for finding Colorado medical detox near you. Find it here.

Inpatient Program (IP)

Inpatient (or residential) treatment is the level of care suited for those who need full-time treatment. It usually happens after medical detox and can range from days to weeks. Those in inpatient treatment attend lectures and therapy sessions, and interact with and learn from people going through the same things.

Our rehab center in Colorado, does not offer residential addiction treatment, but if inpatient is the right next step for you, we can help you find a program. SAMHSA also has a tool for finding Colorado inpatient programs near you. Find it here.

Therapies/Treatment Modalities Near Denver, CO

Successful addiction treatment requires individualized treatment approaches. Our Denver drug rehab location offers a wide array of therapies to help you overcome addiction and remain sober:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows you to work one-on-one with a licensed therapist to change thought patterns that have contributed to your substance use in past. You’ll also learn how to handle life’s problems and stresses without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, you come together with others who have suffered from drug or alcohol addiction, with the help of a therapist. Each member can work through stumbling blocks in their life and in the recovery process. Group therapy provides a place where people with shared experiences can relate to and support one another.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a process to address dysfunctional family relationships and patterns of interaction that contribute to substance abuse issues. Both the addicted individual and their family work through these problems under the guidance of a trained therapist.

Medication Management and/or Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of specific pharmaceutical medications to decrease cravings for addictive substances and increase the likelihood of staying sober. These medications have been shown in research to improve the outcomes of addiction treatment over time.

At Footprints to Recovery near Denver, you can also expect:

If you don’t know what some of these services are, don’t worry! Your therapist will explain each therapy and how it could benefit you before starting it with you.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Sometimes those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction are also dealing with another psychological disorder, like anxiety or depression. When another psychological disorder accompanies drug addiction, it is called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis.

Examples of co-occurring disorder that we see frequently in our Colorado drug rehab center are:

If you have co-occurring disorders, both disorders must be treated, as each disorder often reinforces the other, so ignoring one can make it harder to address the other. At our Denver, Colorado addiction treatment location, the clinical and support staff will work with you to ensure your co-occurring disorders are explained and treated.

Support Groups in Denver, CO

Support groups can be an indispensable part of addiction recovery because recovery is a long journey filled with ups and downs. Support groups are a collection of individuals who are in varying stages of recovery; they are your peers. Getting diverse perspectives from people who know what you’re going through can be the difference between remaining sober and relapsing.

There are many Denver support groups readily available, including but not limited to:

Early in recovery, the idea of joining a support group may feel overwhelming. That’s okay. The Denver addiction treatment center staff at Footprints to Recovery will give you resources and help guide you towards the group or groups that might benefit you. We’ll be there for you through the whole process.


Our team at Footprints to Recovery in Colorado consists of licensed psychologists, master’s level clinicians, and wellness experts focused on helping individuals overcome addiction. We partner with program participants to identify the therapeutic treatments that best fit address patients’ drug and alcohol abuse, as well as underlying emotional or psychological triggers for the destructive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I or my family member be in treatment?

Is group therapy optional or required?

How much one-on-one time will I get with my counselor?

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment?

Do you offer night sessions for those of us that have to work or go to school?

Insurance Coverage at Our Colorado Rehab

Our drug rehab in Colorado is an in-network provider with Humana and TRICARE. Through our partnership with TRICARE, we provide drug and alcohol treatment to active duty, retired and reserve military personnel, as well as their beneficiaries around the country.

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We are also an out-of-network provider with most insurance companies. If you don’t see your insurance provider, please call us!

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How to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Colorado

One of the significant barriers for those suffering from addiction can be the cost of addiction treatment. Footprints to Recovery wants to ensure that those who need treatment in Denver can get the help they need. We have financial advisors that will help guide you through the best option for paying for addiction treatment in Colorado. Our advisors will help you get help.

Options for paying for addiction treatment include:

Don’t let finances be the reason you or your loved one continues to suffer and doesn’t get treatment for their addiction. Reach out to a Denver, CO admissions coordinator today. They will explain the treatment process and work with your financial advisor to get Colorado treatment started.

The Colorado Addiction Problem

Like many other parts of the United States, Colorado continues to see increasing numbers of individuals suffering from addiction. In 2018, there were a reported 42,604 addiction treatment admissions, which was an increase of 1.2% from the previous year.

The most common substance that people seek treatment for in Colorado is alcohol. But methamphetamines and heroin still account for over 40% of those seeking treatment. The admissions for meth and heroin have more than doubled since 2009. In Colorado, the number of people seeking addiction treatment since 2009 has only decreased for two drugs: cocaine and marijuana.

Addiction affects all ages and races, but in Colorado, the most common age range that individuals seek treatment for their addiction is 26 to 39 years.

Reach Out to Footprints to Recovery in Colorado for Help

Sometimes the most difficult step to getting started with addiction recovery is reaching out for help. Making this first step will change your life, so don’t put it off.

Start your path to addiction recovery by reaching out to a Footprints to Recovery admissions advisor in Colorado. Admissions advisors will answer any questions you have and gather the information needed to determine the next steps. You’ll be asked questions about:

  • Events that led you to inquire about treatment
  • Your substance use and medical history
  • Your mental health history
  • Your legal history
  • Your addiction treatment history
  • Your family, educational, and employment background

Your Denver admissions advisor will work with you and a financial advisor to figure out the best option to pay for your treatment. Because we think everyone deserves the chance to get and stay sober, Footprints to Recovery provides many ways of paying for treatment.

After speaking with an admissions counselor and determining that Footprints to Recovery is right for you, you’ll be set up with an admission date. Your admission date is the day you come into our Denver drug rehab center to start treatment.

Do you live near Denver, CO and feel ready to leave drugs in your past? Reach out today through live chat, email, or phone.



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