Utilizing advanced, proactive and individualized treatment methods our State Licensed Addiction Facility located in the Centennial suburb of Denver, Colorado offers safe and effective Drug and Alcohol treatment.

Each client is assigned a team of experienced and dedicated professionals such as; Licensed Psychologists, Masters Level Clinicians and Health and Wellness Experts to ensure their individual and unique needs are met.

An emphasis is placed on integrated behavioral health treatment, treating all physical and psychological conditions concurrently, which is essential for lasting drug and alcohol recovery.

One-on-One Counseling

Customized Treatment

Licensed Staff

Group Therapy

Peer Support

Flexible Hours

We Can Help You Find The Treatment You Need


  • Addiction Rehab for Young Adults
  • Addiction Rehab for Adults
  • Co-Occuring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Chronic Pain & Painkiller Addiction Treatment
  • Vocational Services
  • Relapse Treatment
  • Continuing Care Planning
  • Alumni Network

Colorado Features & Services:

  • Psychological Services
  • Medication Management
  • 12 Step Alternatives
  • Spiritual Support
  • Vocational Services
  • Diet & Nutritional Counseling
  • Family Support
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy

Key Programs:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): EMDR is a valuable form of psychotherapy that provides relief from symptoms and the emotional effects related to traumatic experiences.



6505 South Paris Street
Centennial, CO 80111

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How We Can Help

  • Develop the skills needed to stop or reduce drinking
  • Help to build a strong social support system
  • Set reachable goals
  • Coping with or avoiding triggers that might cause relapse
  • Resources to assist with housing, employment, and skill building.
Signs & Symptoms
  • Difficulty controlling how much or when one drinks
  • A need for more alcohol to get the same buzz as before
  • Headaches, anxiety, insomnia or nausea when alcohol consumption stops
  • Temporary blackouts or memory loss
  • Recurrent arguments or fights with those closest to them
  • Irritability, depression or mood swings
  • Drinking alone, in the mornings, or in secret.
  • Risky behaviors that threaten legal, financial and/ or health consequences
Dangers of Abuse & Dependence
  • Dementia, stroke and neuropathy
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Depression, anxiety and suicide
  • Social problems; unemployment, lost productivity, family issues, violence, and homicide
  • Unintentional injuries; car crashes, falls, burns, and broken bones
  • Increased risk for cancers
  • Liver disease
  • Death
Myths & Facts

Myth 1: Addiction is a disease, there’s nothing that can be done about it.
Fact: Most experts agree, addiction is a disease that affects the brain; however, that does not mean that anyone is helpless. The brain changes associated with addiction can be treated and reversed through the use of therapy, medication, exercise or other treatments.

Myth 2: Without hitting rock bottom, you can’t get better.
Fact: Treatment and recovery can begin at any point in the addiction process – the earlier the better. Don’t wait to intervene until you or your loved one has lost everything.

Myth 3: Treatment did not help before, there is no point in going again.
Fact: Drug addiction recovery is a process, one that often involves setbacks. If you did not find treatment successful before it does not mean that sobriety is a lost cause. Relapse can be used as a signal to get back on track. Many individuals find success by going back to treatment and adjusting the treatment approach.

The Footprints to Recovery Medical Detox Program helps young adults, adults and families safely and effectively withdraw from drugs and alcohol in Mesa, Arizona.

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