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How Do I Find Addiction Treatment During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Daily concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to rise across the nation. With more restrictions happening regarding anti-socializing, stay home orders being placed, and travel restrictions being implemented, it leaves people wondering if they should even seek help for their addiction in this current state.

But the truth is there’s never been a better time to seek addiction treatment. Addiction treatment and rehab facilities have all become exempt from a stay at home orders guidelines, and Footprints to Recovery intend to continue operating and assisting anyone in dire need of treatment services during this difficult time. During isolating times like these, a professional medical treatment center is an excellent place to make new connections while being surrounded by a supportive and safe sober community.

Addiction does not discriminate, and it certainly does not wait for the best opportunity for an addict to choose to get help. During this coronavirus global pandemic, the top question individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol ask is, are they still able to attend treatment during this time? It is during these times of crisis which leads to more anxiety and stress amongst people, especially for the individuals struggling with an addiction. Here at Footprints to Recovery, we are still running and are fully prepared to help individuals seeking drug and alcohol treatment during the coronavirus outbreak. 

As news of COVID-19 continues to be a front-page headline, Americans will continue to stock up on necessities while continuing to anticipate long periods of social distancing. Everybody is at risk, especially the elderly. Grocery stores have required six feet of distance between customers checking out, supply stores have closed non-essential departments, and group gatherings have been discouraged. But what about patients who regularly attend 12 step meetings during the rehab recovery process?

How COVID-19 Will Change 12-Step Meetings

Daily, millions of U.S. residents rely on 12 step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous to sustain recovery. These group therapy meetings serve a few functions; they will provide support, accountability, and a feeling of acceptance for individuals who have overcome their addiction. However, new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and also The World Health Organization had both recommended avoiding large groups. They also encourage everyone to obey social distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart. 

Social distancing is being near but still a part of the physical distance between individuals who do not live in the same residence. For communities, this will mean closing workplaces, schools, and other significant events previously scheduled. For people, though, this means staying at least 6 feet in between everybody else while in public places.

Thankfully though, there are still a few options for individuals who do need or enjoy NA and AA meetings. State-run anonymous groups have started taking action to address COVID-19 self-quarantine therapy sessions. For example, current group meetings are happening via phone calls, group texts, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, even conference calls. 

The general service office of alcoholics anonymous has stated that multiple groups across the U.S. have taken steps to protect the group members through many different cautionary measures. A few examples being practiced include: 

  • Keeping in touch with social media, phone, and email 
  • Sanitizing meeting hospitality tables
  • Creating contingency plans
  • Meeting by telephone or online, rather than in person
  • Avoiding shaking hands and handholding
  • Suspending food hospitality
  • Updating contact lists

Adapting Your Recovery for Coronavirus

The most significant lifestyle change during the coronavirus outbreak is the indefinite period of self-quarantine. As of right now, the government has given orders that all non-essential personnel must stay home and work remotely, if possible. Schools have been shut down to online classes, and all restaurants and resorts have been closed. The idea is to only leave the house for work or necessities like grocery runs or somebody depending on your care for them. 

It’s quite apparent that isolation becomes very challenging for patients in recovery. Accountability and support are highly necessary to keep recovering addicts on track. There are multiple steps people can take to make their time at home positive rather than stressful. The first method would be to consider listening to a recovery speaker online. There are multiple rehab treatment websites online. They will offer a library of recordings and guest blogs that will cover all aspects of treatment, addiction, and recovery. This content will inspire those looking to start or to continue their sobriety journey.

Keep Connected 

After that, make an effort to stay connected with the critical members of your life. Whether you’re doing a remote anonymous meeting or following up with your sponsor, keep all your positive friends and influencers around during these quarantine times. Be persistent and regular and calling friends and relatives to check-in; this will give you social interaction and let them know that you are OK during this time.

It is also highly encouraged to keep busy. Isolation will sabotage all efforts of sobriety if not taking seriously. Keep any substances entirely free from the house and make a list of activities you can do to entertain yourself when needed. Isolation gives you time to do multiple things like learning the instrument, to do a construction job you’ve been putting off, or to start a book series. With an umpteen amount of time on your hands, there are many things you can do that are positive and uplifting.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask for help during these trying times. The future is uncertain, and you may find yourself in an unprecedented situation during the recovery journey. It is essential to be prepared to contact the right treatment center, therapist, or sponsor when bad days come about. Our staff at Footprints to recovery are available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you have during this time.

Telehealth Addiction Treatment During Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to social distancing to help flatten the curve and prevent any further spreading of COVID-19, an avenue that has been catapulted as of lately is the use of telehealth. Telehealth directly influences the theory of flattening the curve for health systems worldwide by still allowing treatment professionals and patients to communicate without physical contact.

It has now become crucial to conduct patient encounters by video or telephone conference during this pandemic, especially as a majority of patients are currently experiencing increased levels of anxiety and stress. Their psychiatric and psychotherapy management must be continued to prevent any further decompensation and to avoid any dire consequences. 

Triggers could force an individual into the strains of healthcare hospitalization. Since face-to-face appointments are a high risk of transmitting Coronavirus and the lack of personal protective equipment being available, telehealth has currently emerged as a highly essential health care tool.

Research has demonstrated that telehealth interventions produce positive outcomes when it is used for remote patient monitoring for chronic conditions, counseling, communication, and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy treatment through a telemental health design has demonstrated efficiency and reducing pain, depression, anxiety, and disabilities just as comparable to a traditional in-person encounter and without the risk of anybody spreading Coronavirus.

Don’t Allow Coronavirus to Keep You From Seeking Addiction Treatment!

With so much uncertainty and high risk implicated with going out during the coronavirus pandemic, checking into addiction treatment becomes a tough decision. You came this far into looking into the possibilities of safe addiction treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are a few reasons why it is crucial to seek help for your addiction which include:

  • Users are at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus- Drug addicts will have potentially compromised immune systems, especially if the user smokes or drinks frequently. This leaves a user at any significant risk for contracting the Coronavirus due to a weak immune system. Do not let a potential coronavirus be the reason you refuse treatment. Footprints to Recovery has an around the clock on-site medical team ready to safely and comfortably detox you in our clean, Coronavirus free facility. 
  • Detoxing alone is dangerous- The detoxification process will come with a whole lot of fear and anxiety. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol without medical supervision will pose a much higher risk of death than the Coronavirus does. While there are worries around going out in public, to detox under medical control is crucial and sometimes life-saving. Our highly trained physicians here will work to make the detox process safe and make every patient feel comfortable by assisting with 24/7 care and can administer medications if needed. 
  • Isolation feeds addiction- When all alone, depression and anxiety usually kicks in for most. These are some of the most common triggers of relapse. During confinement, the best place to recover and renew yourself is at a healthcare facility that is focused on your goals. Our programs are custom built around connection points ranging from different types of group therapies to individual sessions with a personal therapist. Here at Footprints to Recovery, you’ll be with a group of your peers who are all free of drugs and the Coronavirus, making the feel of isolation obsolete.

For anybody considering treatment at this moment, the facility that you choose must follow federal and state guidelines to help reduce the risk of a coronavirus outbreak. Our facilities have implemented new protocols and procedures built explicitly for those reasons. It is just as equally vital that our treatment center also has quality medical professionals on-site to oversee their patients should a coronavirus a break happen.

Footprints to Recovery is Protecting Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Every day, there is more concerning news of the coronavirus pandemic unfolding, so here at Footprints to Recovery, we take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and health of our patients and workers. Our team is doing everything possible as an accredited addiction treatment center in making sure that our patients have access to treatment services during this time. 

Daily deep cleanings at the facility are currently scheduled routinely to help reduce the risk of virus transmission. Community and employee training and universal health precautions are also provided.

Every new patient that enrolls will be administered the infectious disease screening before enlisting. Our facility reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual who may cause a threat to the health of our facility. Patients who may be ill are required to seek medical attention from home.

Patients enlisted in our addiction treatment services will benefit from our coronavirus screening process for current and new patients which include:

  • Our 24/7 treatment staff is always on hand, completing daily tasks for every patient and employees at all levels of care. 
  • Our intake process has been restructured so that all incoming patients are checked for any coronavirus symptoms.
  • Our facilities and custodial departments have added additional disinfectant measures to assure round the clock cleaning. 
  • Telemedicine has also been implemented as an option for patients.
  • To help limit exposure, non-essential staff have restricted access to patient areas, wellness facilities, site sources, and restricted family visitations.
  • We provide the alternative option of in-person family sessions by doing visitations on a virtual or phone conferencing platform.
  • All patients and staff refrain from handshaking, hugging, or any other forms of physical contact.

With all the steps we have taken to ensure our patient’s safety, Coronavirus should not be the reason that you do not seek treatment. Footprints to Recovery offers a sanitized, professional medical facility setting with a professional licensed medical staff on-site 24/7. At Footprints to Recovery, we take the health and safety of our current and future patients seriously.

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If you or a loved one is seeking treatment during the coronavirus pandemic, reach out to our team at Footprints to Recovery immediately and allow us to get you the answers you seek. Addiction is a serious disease recognized globally, and during this global pandemic, many people have the need for addiction treatment more than ever. Whether this is a first-time enlisting in addiction treatment or once again, support is needed during these stressful times. Contact us today! Footprints to Recovery can get you the help you need.

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