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Footprints to Recovery New Jersey Executive Director, David Szarka MA, LCADC answers questions about the program.

What Levels of Care Do You Offer?

Footprint to Recovery in Hamilton, we have substance abuse, mental health treatment, and it’s three levels of care. It’s partial level of care, intensive outpatient, and outpatient level of care. And it depends on where the client is coming from, what level of care they’re assessed to be on, but that’s our three levels of care.

What Do You Treat

We specialize in, of course, substance abuse as a primary treatment and then mental health secondary. Really, it’s all ages. It’s adults, towards 18 and over. The average age, it varies, but anywhere from 19 to 25 could be an average. But we see from all walks of life really. We have patients that come right from detox here. We have people that come from homes. We have people that are homeless that come here. We have people that are presidents of companies that come here. So we see a wide variety of people, all with the same affliction, which is substance abuse and sometimes mental health as well.

Is Recovery Possible?

What I find most rewarding in my job here is it’s hard to measure success here sometimes. Sometimes, you see a person come in and they’re like here and they move like an inch, but that inch is substantial. You know what I mean? Because that they’ve really come a long way in that inch and some people make yards and miles gains. So it’s really just being appreciative and it’s rewarding just to see any type of progression in treatment and it’s really setting expectations to that level. Like I said, some people, their progress is measured a lot differently than others.

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